How to Make Moving Easier?

Posted by QWIK – January 6, 2023

Learn How to make a hectic process much easier!

We have been helping people move for years, and we know that the process is not easy for most! Moving can be stressful and

hectic, sure. However, we have some news to break… IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE!!

Whether you are relocating your home or your office and whether you are moving locally or internationally, there are easy

and safe ways to do it that only professionals and trained personnel know and have mastered throughout the years.


At QWIK MOVE, we are open to sharing some of our wisdom and knowledge with you. Here are some tips and tricks we collected

from our work in the moving industry that is guaranteed to make the job easier for you

Relocating and Moving Tips

5 Tips to Make Moving Easier

Jan 2023


1- Plan, Organize, then Organize some More!

When moving, planning and organizing earlier (much earlier) is key! This is one of those things that you just can’t leave till the last seconds. You can’t wing a decent moving job, no matter how good at procrastinating you are!

Organizing means getting the right tools, seeing what you want to take with you to your new place and what you want to give away, and of course…

2- Pack

It is never too early to start packing. Put aside an ‘essentials’ box of stuff that you will be using when you pack all your stuff and still have time before you move, like your toothbrush, medicine, etc.

This is also the box that you will be opening first when you are done moving. You will thank yourself when you easily find your essentials before unpacking.

3- Hire Movers

You should at least get help with the huge and heavy things like pianos and sofas, as well as easily breakable stuff like TVs and big mirrors. Moving these things yourself can be not only super duper hard but also extremely dangerous!

Make sure that you inform your movers of what they will be packing, moving, and unpacking so that they can bring the right tools. Also, it will be best if you get them to check the place beforehand so that their job can be quick and free of any surprises or obstacles on moving day.

This is a teeny tiny detail, however, it is just as important as anything and everything else: pick friendly movers!

The last thing that you will want to be stuck with on this already stressful day is a bunch of rude and unprofessional people.

Likewise, you should also be nice and aware of their needs. You will get the most out of their expertise if they feel comfortable physically and mentally.

4- Make Plans for the Little Ones

If you are dreading the relocation, your kids must absolutely hate it! Make plans to keep them distracted and entertained. Pack a bag of their favorite books and toys, whatever can catch their attention long enough to have a smooth and seamless move!

5- Take Care of You

The movers are fine? Good!

The kids are entertained? Great!!

The furniture is safe? Peachy!

Now, how about you??

Are you well rested and well fed? Cause you should be!

You need to be in the best shape possible if you want to keep things under control all day long!

This step right here is the most important piece of advice we can give you.


If this sounds too good to be true, it really isn’t. Getting past the hard parts of life is all about asking for help and accepting it when it comes by.

It is also about planning and making the most out of every circumstance. Moving might be tough, but it is just the beginning of an interesting and exciting journey!

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We at QWIK are all for making positive changes

in your life when needed.